A SETTING CAN BE VIEWED AS A COMPOSITION of certain basic types of elements: natural forms such as the sky, mountains, or a field; man-made structures such as cars and buildings; and figures such as trees, people, animals, or flowers. One may assume that these elements of a setting are variations of the expression of abstract intent. Variations of a common theme are, in effect, metaphors for each other.

Metaphors are mathematical equations whose component parts can be blended and assembled like tinker toys to reflect the reality of a particular theme. For example, we may assume that abstract intent is represented by a flower, and assemble all the elements of a setting as flowers. The entire setting is then transformed into a metaphorical algebra of “flower versions” expressing the music of abstract intent.

Metaphors can convey meaning on a variety of levels - lyrical, philosophical, and esthetic. Their formal and logical features enable us to embrace an alternate vision.

The world speaks to us through the alternate designs of metaphors for phenomenal expression. These metaphors may be assembled to reflect the reality of any design. What matters most is not the nature of a particular design, but the exercise of our power to assume and assemble any reality as character actors in our own perception.

At some point in this personal alchemy of assuming, the alternate reality of the aligned metaphors makes complete sense. Thus is engaged a dynamic through which we may establish any position along the sliding scale of reality. Propelled by the enhanced effect of abstract intent, there is no telling how far we may journey on this metaphorical adventure.

Les Barta


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